Your Local Locksmith. Are They?

In today’s locksmithing market, many companies are merely fronts for nationwide criminal rings that bait and switch using the locksmithing industry as their tool.

These people have little or no training, no licensing or insurance, and they are simply there to get as much money from you as they possibly can after quoting you a low initial price. I am sure we have all seen ads promising a $15 lockout, or $19, or 15 minute arrival times. These are 100% signs of the scammers. They know you are in a hurry, worried, stuck, and your mind just doesn’t slow down enough to wonder who is going to come to them in 2015 and open their home or auto for $15. The gas prices alone make it impossible to do that and stay in business. Unless your business is telling people $15 but charging them $150-$850. Yes, $850. A woman in New York State called a locksmith to open her home, was told $39 over the phone, and billed over $850 when the scammer finished. This is a nationwide ring of criminals, so be sure to ask questions. Where are you located, and get an address. Last month, as a test, I called one of these scammer outfits and asked the person who answered where they were located. She just kept asking me where I was and would NOT answer my questions as to her location. That’s because she is sitting in New York City, or Denver, or L.A., fielding calls for these scammers, and dispatching the calls to their cohorts across the country. And the man on their home page, supposedly named Sam? A stock photo from shutterstock where you can find half a dozen photos of “Sam” in different poses.

Be careful my friends. I may charge $60-70 to come open your home, and yes that is more than $15, but the difference is, when I finish you pay $60-70, not $150-$850.